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8 Most Common Gym Mistakes and Solutions to Them

a woman exercising in a gym

8 Most Common Gym Mistakes and Solutions to Them

When I started going to a gym, I was waiting for fast results from a single pushup. We’ve all been there, right? Setting goals, pushing hard, but understanding we’re doing everything wrong. In order to help beginners to take everything from their workouts, I recalled 8 gym mistakes I’ve made. Now, after all the experience gained, I understand there are many people who’re constantly doing the same 8 mistakes.

  1. Working out with no plan.
    For the workouts to be productive, you have to structure them. Ask your trainer to help you with the plan, and you’ll learn about different muscle groups and the pressure you have to put on them.
  2. Handling weights wrong.
    One of my first gym mistakes – not using muscles to lift weights. Pay attention to your posture and the way you move – you have to feel the tension in the muscles you’re working on.
  3. Running/cycling for too long.
    Aerobic exercises are immensely helpful, but don’t overestimate yourself. Running too fast for too long may cause heart problems, and cycling with the maximum resistance may harm your posture.
  4. Forgetting to stretch.
    Stretching if often underestimated, which is a big gym mistake. Stretch before the workout to warm up and give your muscles additional mobility. Also stretch after the workout to cool the muscles down and reduce the possibility of an injury.
  5. Pushing too much.
    They say too good is no good, and it’s the truth. Feel your muscles, and you will always know when it’s enough. Don’t do too much reps and don’t run 10 miles at once, move gradually.
  6. Doing the same exercises over again.
    You have to vary your workouts, focusing on different muscle groups and changing exercises from time to time. Go to classes, alternate aerobic trainings, don’t let your body get used totally, or there will be less effect.
  7. Following a wrong diet.
    And I’m talking not only about reducing sweets and fast food. You have to remember what’s essential for your muscles – regular eating, protein-rich foods, and lots of vitamins. Supply yourself by changing the diet.
  8. Missing resting days.
    Sounds weird, but rest is the key to your muscle tonus. You have to give them time to recover, replenish protein and vitamins, and grow (if necessary). Besides, the better you rest, the more you can push.

These gym mistakes are easy to fix. Ask your trainer for exercise guides, consult on dieting, and rest after workouts to get the best effect.


Mark Faraday

I'm Mark Faraday, but friends call me Day Mark. I'm an expert of leading a healthy way of life and this blog is my attempt to share my knowledge in this field.


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